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What has happened to the winning tradition of OUR Cowboys?

In-san-i-ty: doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results…

What Cowboys fan isn’t tired of what OUR team has become?  Has Jerry lost his mind, or is his ego just so big that he can no longer live in reality.  He does everything possible to build his wealth, without any regard to the fans for which he depends upon to generate his income.  Who holds Jerry accountable for the poor decisions that he makes?  Perhaps he is unwilling to listen to anyone; it seems to be the case.  Now is the time for Cowboys fans to voice their frustrations!

While it is clear that Jerry is incapable of functioning as the Cowboys, general manager, is not here to simply bash Jerry Jones.  Truth be told, Jerry brings a lot of good things to the table for the Cowboys franchise.  He is a passionate owner, a marketing guru and he does have a strong desire to produce a winning football team.  He just can’t do it all himself.  The Cowboys need a general manager who is a true football man, whose sole responsibility is to establish a long term plan to consistently acquire the right personnel.  It is time for the Cowboys to regain the respect they once had and bring the tradition of a winning football team back to the fans.  Cowboys fans must take a stand and put a stop to the insanity!

Jerry’s Failed History as General Manager

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“America’s team” has sadly become Jerry’s team.  It is time for Dallas fans to take a stand. Sure, the Cowboys will win some games each season, but as long as Jerry is the helm, they will never contend for a title; history has proven this, no matter who the coach or the quarterback may be.  Why should Cowboys fans continue to allow Jerry’s pockets get deeper, while the team continues to float around in mediocrity….NOW IS THE TIME TO LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!  Jerry should be held accountable for the decision he makes with the Cowboys – OUR team!

In recent years, OUR team has failed to live up to the respected tradition that was established from the Cowboys early years, through the mid 90’s.  The past 15 years have been an exercise in futility and frustration for fans.  It has been a long time since the Cowboys have lived up to the nickname, “America’s team.”  Why? ….it’s based on the fact that OUR team does not have a real GM and the result is a “culture,” prohibits success.  Perhaps the environment around the Cowboys isn’t that of an actual country club, but who is there to hold the players accountable?  Why do the same players commit the same penalties and make the same mistakes over and over?  Are players expected to perform or risk losing their job?  Does the coach have the authority to hold his players accountable?   Can the coach make a decision to cut a player?  There is only one constant within the Cowboys organization over the past 15 years, Jerry.  WHO IS THERE TO HOLD JERRY ACCOUNTABLE?  Nobody…that is the problem!

Jerry Jones may be a marketing genius, but he has proved over and over that he is not a general Manager.  At this point, it is very obvious to anyone with a clear perspective that Jerry is a better rapper than general manager.  He should stick to selling pizzas, trucks, tolltags, lottery tickets and women’s underwear.  Jerry may be the owner, but the public trust in him is long gone.  This team is not his toy for him to use in an effort to make his legacy as big as his ego.

What is bigger Jerry’s stadium or Jerry’s ego…?

Television ratings for the Cowboys have been down lately.  Why?  Could it be that the fans are tired of the frustration?  Absolutely, YES!!  Cowboys games have become painful to watch, because most of the time, especially when it matters the most, the Cowboys shoot themselves in the foot.  They may look good one week, but they always fall back to being an average team.  It doesn’t matter who the coach is or who is playing quarterback, the Cowboys are the same .500 team.  Jerry should have made every effort to keep Jimmie around as long as possible.  It is clear that Jimmy was the one who made the team a success in the 90’s – without question.  Maybe Jimmie was getting burned out, but Jerry could not stand Jimmie getting the credit for the success of the Cowboys.  Parcells did a great job of turning things around and building a solid team….once again, Jerry wanted the spot light, the glory and didn’t want to let Bill make the football decisions.  Norm Hitzges said recently that Wade Phillips had more success than Parcells, but that is only true on paper.  It is quite likely that Wade would not have had a season above .500 if Parcells had not built the team that Phillips inherited.  When Bill Parcells was hired, it almost appeared that Jerry had learned his lesson, that a true football man was needed.  Nope, that was a farce.  It has also been said that the only reason Jerry hired Bill Parcells is so that he could turn the team around in order to build his new stadium…its seems as though that theory is reality…why else would Jerry be willing to relinquish some of his control?

Jerry’s ego sucks for this city and for everyone who cares about the Cowboys!  He should go find his gloryhole in a way that does not involve his working as the GM and acting as OUR team’s Achilles heal.  Jerry is better off pursuing a rap career…at least he doesn’t have 15 years of history as a failed hip hop artist.

Perhaps fans should have trusted their intuition about Jerry when he stepped in and fired Landry….which may have been his first move to try to make sure he got credit for any success the team would have.  Since the time Jerry acquired the team, Forbes has named the Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable sports franchise in North America, the 2nd most valuable in the world, with a value of $1.8 billion.  That’s great, but fans don’t cheer for the team’s rank as a franchise or Jerry building his wealth off of hard working Americans.   Jerry bought the Cowboys in 1989 for $150 million, so it is safe to say that he is doing well.  The average ticket price at Jerry’s new stadium is $160, hardly a reasonable price for the average fan…not to mention TV deals, endorsements, concessions and sales for paraphernalia…and let’s not forget the ridiculous seat licenses.  Jerry’s wealth is sickening, considering what he is willing to take from Cowboys fans and the fact that he has made OUR team his toy for stroking his own ego.  Safe to say that Jerry owes a lot more to his fans than what he has delivered!

If Jerry wants to “change the man in the mirror,” he needs to start by realizing that he is not capable of working as a general manager.  He told Bob Costas that he would fire himself as GM, but that he can’t…YES, JERRY, YOU CAN –NOW IS THE TIME!  That is what every Cowboys fan would like to see!  Stop the insanity and you will regain the respect of the fans you have lost and once again be able to compete for a championship!